Видео: Review Tecsun PL-600, 2013-11-08

Tecsun PL-600 AM/FM/SW Portable

I purchased this Tecsun PL-600 AM/FM/SW portable new on Amazon a couple years ago. It receives single-sideband. Although ...

TRRS #0614 - Tecsun Pl-600 Reception Testing

In this show I do the reception testing of the Tecsun PL-600 shortwave radio. I apologize for the audio problems but since band ...

Tecsun PL 600 Review

Review of the excellent Tecsun PL-600 receiver mediumwave AM longwave, shortwave and FM.

Review Tecsun PL - 600 ( world band receiver )

A used world band receiver with SSB ( USB + LSB ). Ein weiterer Weltempfänger für meine Sammlung. Aufgenommen mit Sony ...

[SWL] Bandscan Langwelle Tecsun PL-600, 2013-11-09 0955UTC

[SWL] Bandscan Langwelle Tecsun PL-600, 2013-11-09 0955UTC.

Tecsun PL-600 overview and reception sample

For reference I am located in Nova Scotia Canada. This is what I can pick up in my local area. Stations will differ by geographic ...

[SWL] Bandscan Mittelwelle Tecsun PL-600, 2013-11-09 1005UTC

[SWL] Bandscan Mittelwelle Tecsun PL-600, 2013-11-09 1005UTC.

Tecsun PL 600 vs Degen DE 1103 cbc north quebec

Test of the Tecsun PL-600 compared to Degen DE 1103 on the CBC North Quebec signal.

Tecsun PL-600 vs. Tecsun PL-880 on shortwave

11670 kHz - Radio Habana Cuba 11760 kHz - Radio Habana Cuba 11840 kHz - Radio Habana Cuba 12105 kHz - WTWW ...

25 meter band scan on tecsun pl-600

tour of the 20 meters broadcast band shortwave on tecsun receiver on may 7th 2013.

Better Audio Out Of The Tecsun PL-600, Or Other Shortwave Radio Portables

Better sound quality from the Tecsun PL-600, or any shortwave portable, using Bose RoomMate, or other powered speakers.

Tecsun PL-600 World Band Radio Fitted With A Sony AN-1 Active Antenna

Plugging a Sony AN-1 active antenna into the Tecsun PL-600. Demo and thoughts.



Tecsun PL-600 Unboxing

Just a quick unboxing my review will have more about the radio. So far Its amazing and ive been picking up Cuba like crazy and ...

The Tecsun PL-600 Un-boxing

Always check the most recent Amazon price- https://amzn.to/38AjD9G Just received my Tescun PL-600 radio from Hong Kong.

Tecsun PL600 SSB Receiver

If you're looking at getting into short wave radio listening then the Tecsun PL600 Single Side Band capable portable receiver ...

Радиоприёмник Tecsun PL-600 Обзор Review

Раннее дурашливое видео, которое давно пора удалить, но пусть будет :-) Радиоприемники: Tecsun PL-310ET ...

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