Видео: Radiolink controller RC4G Thoughts on, install and basic settings

RadioLink RC4GS Ground Transmitter - In Depth Overview

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RadioLink 2.4G 4CH Gyro RC4G Transmitter With R4EH-G Receiver unboxing and first look

Click - http://goo.gl/FU9OZv to Subscribe! RadioLink 2.4G 4CH Gyro RC4G Transmitter With R4EH-G Receiver Check out the ...

[400m range] RC4GS / R6FG Binding & GYRO setting

RC4GS / R6FG binding & Gyro setting - This item from Banggood : https://bit.ly/2lDJ4nZ - 400 meters distance on Spec description ...

RadioLink R4EH-H to RC4G binding issue. Not compatible with each other.

I purchased the RC4G along with 3 extra R4EH-H receivers. They are not compatible with each other.

Radiolink RC4GS + R4FG Review

With a good relation between price and quality with a gyro function integrated on the receiver. where to buy: http://bit.ly/RLRC4GS ...

Demo R4EH-G (Gyro Rx) with both RC4G and RC3S Radio

More info: http://www.ultimaterc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=217514.

Radiolink Transmitter Aluminium Wheel Upgrade

Installing aluminium wheel on Radiolink RC3S/RC4G/RC4GS/RC6GS. Easy and cheap mod to add some mass to the wheel.

Распаковка регулятора Hobbywing Ezrun WP SC8 и аппаратуры Radiolink RC4G

Распаковка, пайка, подключение регулятора к мотору и аппаратуры к регулятору. Шестерни GoolRC M0.6 3.175 мм: ...

РАДИОАППАРАТУРА RADIOLINK RC4G С ГИРОСКОПОМ (распаковка, обзор, настройка, испытания)

Обзор радиоаппаратуры пистолетного типа для наземных и наводных радиоуправляемых моделей - Radiolink RC4G. В...



Привязка приемника R4EH-G к передатчику Radiolink RC4G

Инструкция по привязке приемника R4EH-G к передатчику Radiolink RC4G. Купить аппаратуру RadioLink RC4G + приемник: http://ali ...

RC4G RC3S Gyro setup

Is RC4G gyro working?

Demo: RadioLink RC4G Gyro Radio System

More Info: http://www.ultimaterc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=217514.

Radiolink RC4G & RC3S - Unboxing - What's in the box - Espanol

Quick unbox of the Radiolink RC4G & RC3S transmitter, with a little sense of humor, just to show you what's in the box when you ...

RadioLink RC6GS install and run in TRX4

Radio did pretty good and has amazing distance! Get your new Radiolink RC6GS on Amazon!!

Unboxing aparatury Radiolink RC4G 4CH 2.4GHz

My homepage: https://www.franca-rc.com/ Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/FrancaForfiterRC/ Adres gdzie kupiłem: ...

Feiyue FY03 Radiolink RC4G+R4EH-G gyroscope reciever test run

Hi. Today i want show You how Feiyue runs with gyroscope reciever. Car is not flipping anymore on fast turns. I have this gyro ...

How to Calibration RadioLink RC3S 캘리브레이션 방법

Step-by-step: 1. While holding both “Exit” and “Enter,” power on the TX. The unit will be in calibration mode. “MAX” will be selected ...

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