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The iconic Los Angeles station is on life support — and it has nothing to do with coronavirus. A funny thing happened the week of March 8. Seven days later, it had 32 plays. The decision to blow up the morning show brought severe consequences. Our audience is as diverse as ever and our playlist needs to be too.

WKQX. auto-closing in 5s. Data opt-out Click to opt out of data sharing. Today​. Browse Recently Played songs. Date Showing: Wednesday August 19th. 7pm.

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But Grohl is dating Post. The lanky musician, who with his new Beatles haircut and goatee looks something like a stretched-out Matthew Broderick, simply is not going to acknowledge it. End of topic. See review, Page Indeed, Grohl, 28, makes great use of mental erasers.

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Hello again from the Duke University Union records! When last we met, I told you about a mysterious memorandum concerning CORE and the fact that it was not known to suffer from any communist infiltration. Nirvana, of course was a band that was riddled with both controversy and tragedy. Frontman Kurt Cobain famously battled a heroin addiction and, in , committed suicide. However, Nirvana is also largely credited with expanding the grunge—and later, alternative—rock genre beyond the Pacific Northwest.

Apparently those unmoveable practices paid off that year. This is probably about a potential date in the fall of , when Nirvana was one of the biggest bands in America. Fun stuff.

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For the first year of the series, the Sub Pop Singles Club released music by underground luminaries like Sonic Youth, Fugazi, and the Flaming Lips, bands that have remain touchstones in alternative rock ever since. Seemingly overnight, the music industry was suddenly chasing down the likes of Royal Trux, Steel Pole Bath Tub, and the Jesus Lizard so as to hand them suitcases of cash. For a few years, corporate rock had to pretend to be college rock. Musically, Nirvana was a cagey mix of ludicrously macho classic rock, scummy punk, irrefutable pop hooks, and precocious indie twee.

The band remains a gateway for new listeners, a bridge between generations and extremes. Cut your teeth on the Beatles and Nirvana can quickly usher you toward Flipper and the Melvins. Teenage angst paid off well, as Kurt Cobain once humblebragged, but we fans received something in return, something that it took decades for many of us to fully appreciate. Tucked away in Journals , Kurt Cobain wrote a letter to his ex-girlfriend Tobi Vail of Bikini Kill about how he perceived his band in the American cultural landscape.

The most effective tool is entertainment. In , Nirvana still feels eerily powerful, cathartic, and prescient. And aside from the unfulfilled promises and future sounds to be explored on their enchanting Unplugged set, I also left off their furious and messy live albums like From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah and Live at Reading Festival , sets that have been released over the years.

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Hey nirvana news, because club boys, with no success. Until recently, released 31 may Tidal is the speed dating site tastebuds. My personal virginia, fm has surfaced.

slots with Red Rum Club and Editors, garnering a huge and devoted fanbase. With a string of live dates on the way including numerous festival spots in the an often-overlooked band who influenced the great Nirvana, twisting the dial to.

Last summer I took my daughter to Vans Warped Tour for the first time. She’d been clamoring to go since the first time she’d walked into a Hot Topic store and bought a t-shirt emblazoned with the logo of the band Black Veil Brides; deeply devoted to that band and its sweetly philosophical, doe-eyed singer Andy Biersack, she’d even had their album cover painted on her eleventh birthday cake.

By age 13 she’d become utterly versed in current pop-punk and grunge-indebted metal, shouting along to her playlists of Neck Deep and Attila songs in the car. Rock mom that I am, I identified with her passion — the same green kind I’d directed, as a teen, toward local bands with New Wave names like The Heaters and The Frazz — and wanted to help her live it out, within the limits that my own mom, a Bing Crosby fan, didn’t know were necessary.

I got us tickets by volunteering to run a sign-up table for our local feminist rock and roll summer camp. Stationed across from the Reverse Day Care tent, where parents went to enjoy air conditioning and avoid their kids, I shared space with some social conservatives ” All Lives Matter ,” their t-shirts read and a few students trying to raise money for refugees. Not too many people stopped to talk with me. My kid took off with a friend, returning occasionally to share her adventures in the crowd.

I can’t explain the relief I felt when she said all she’d experienced was some standard pit jostling. I’d texted her frequently that afternoon to make sure she was safe.

Nirvana fm dating club

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WCUZ-AM-FM Grand Rapids, Mich., and KQLL/KOAS Tulsa, Okla., from Nirvana. At. WJLB. Billboard. OFTHEWEEK. Music Video ps Flip Out On No trial date has been set, and the investigation is continuing. live broadcasts from the Legends club on Fridays, and no programming that doesn’t originate from the station.

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It’s been 25 years since the world lost Kurt Cobain too soon. The Nirvana frontman was just 27 when he was found dead in his Seattle, Washington, home on April 5, , of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Shortly before his death, the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” singer had recently checked out of a rehabilitation facility.

His wife, Courtney Love, with whom he shared a daughter, Frances Bean Cobain , had said he had been suicidal.

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I remember seeing this copy in reckless records london, islington shop in december Also, the paper lining is made of a vinyl-like material possibly a seal. When I was a high school student, I became a fan of Nirvana and collected bootlegs and more. This record is expensive enough to be insane. I think that I bought this record is a big fool.

And I think everyone who is registered on this website is also a great fool. However, I am honored to be one of the idiots scattered around the world. Got this in Had it framed and mounted to museum standards. They were got from Calvin Johnson of K, whose group Beat Happening was signed to 53rd and 3rd around that time. The record was bought at the time and kept by the owner ever since.

I know that he bought it while he worked at my shop, Vinyl Villains in Edinburgh. Both Nirvana and Mudhoney came into the shop.

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