Видео: FlySky FS-i10 / Carson Reflex Stick Ultimate Touch / Turnigy TGY-i10 video review (NL)

FLYSKY FSi-10 10 Channels 2.4Ghz AFHDS Radio System

Get your Radio here: http://www.hobbypartz.com/79p-fs-i10-10ch-remote.html The brand new FS-i10 uses the FLYSKY 2.4GHz ...

обзор аппаратуры FlySky-i10

краткий обзор, описание аппаратуры!


Please inquire about this radio at: www.diamondhobby.com.

Flysky Transmitter FS-i10 Function Video Demo

Part of FS-i10 functions are showed in this video. This video is to let you know more about FS-i10. The most advanced flysky radio ...

Fly Sky i10 Transmitter 10 Channel Hand on Review

Get your Fly Sky i10 Here: http://www.nitroplanes.com/79p-fs-i10-10ch-remote.html Roland got a hand on the newly 10 channel ...

Fly-Sky receiver update binding and temp sensor programming

Fly-Sky receiver update binding and temperature sensor programming on 10 channel receiver binding and updating are the same ...

Unboxing: FlySky FS-i10 and Overview

Disclaimer: The content in my videos is "PG" rated and therefore not recommended, directed at or in any way "made for kids" ...

convert mode 1 to mode 2 turnigy tgy i10

convert turnigy mode 1 to mode 2 or whatever you like. small crosshead screwdriver and a 2.5 hexagon screwdriver needed.

Flysky-i10, Turnigy-i10, Flysky TH9X, Połączenie Trener-Uczeń

Dzięki połączeniu Trener-Uczeń dwóch aparatur doświadczony modelarz może bezstresowo wprowadzić nowicjusza w świat ...


This is the basic video to help you to understand the throttle curve function . How I use the throttle curve to adjust my throttle on my ...

Fs-i10 naw fixed

I had to swop the pots.

FS-i10 Spectrum Analyzer Function Tutorial

FS-i10 Spectrum Analyzer Function Tutorial (Sorry guys had a cold...)

FS-i10 Throttle Curve Tutorial

FS-i10 Throttle Curve Tutorial

Flysky-i10 rozpakowanie i prezentacja

Aparatura dostepna jest w sklepie internetowym abc-rc.pl.

FS-i10 Trims Tutorial

FS-i10 Trims Tutorial

Flysky fs-i10 gimbal issue

I've now replaced two gimbals and both have the same issue. This isn't showing much quality control from Flysky. Guys need to ...

Turnigy TGY-i10 - Spoileron e Flaperon in Modo Semplice e Rapido

Un sistema veloce per applicare la funzione spoileron e flaperon agli alettoni (vale anche per FlySky FS-i10 e Carson Reflex Stick ...

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