Видео: Build Mode Tutorial: Coil Colors - by Pr0bez

Coil Color Pulsing Tutorial

Today we examine the method of getting those beautifully colored coils you see across Facebook and Instagram. With a bit of ...

Episode Two - Braiding Pt.1: The Vertebraid

The Vertebraid Coil - Build Tutorial by @squidoode. Intro Music Credits: Plaid - 'wrd' Mix https://soundcloud.com/plaid/wrd-mix ...

Episode Five - The Alien Clapton

The Alien Clapton - Build Tutorial by @squidoode. Intro Music Credits: Plaid - 'wrd' Mix https://soundcloud.com/plaid/wrd-mix My ...

Alien Wrap Coil Tutorial

A how-to tutorial with M.Terk on building alien coils. Concept by @blueeyedgoon83. Use caution when building. Always use high ...

The Stitched Alien Stovetop Tutorial (Coil Porn)

Check out more builds on: instagram.com/theparallelgravedance (James Boggus) and instagram.com/build_mode.

0.09 Ohm | 20 Gauge Dual Coil Tutorial | Cotton Wick

Today I'm building a 20 gauge dual coil using a single piece of Kanthal. I'm wicking using organic cotton. The RDA is a Patriot ...

ZOMBIE COIL Tutorial (EazyBuildz)

The ZOMBIE Coil (0.15ohm) is Fairly Easy to make if you do the preparation needed. ULTRA FLAVOUR BUILD ! NEEDS: -WIRES ...

Wicking Coils 101 Easy Tutorial for Beginners The Bow and Scottish Roll

Coil Wicking methods tutorial and simple coil building. The Bow and Scottish Roll, very easy for beginners. How to wick for clouds.

Build Mode Interlock Alien Tutorial

Late Night Tutorial with James (@TheParallelGravedance) View more on insta: @build_mode.

TRANSFORMER COIL Tutorial: Advanced Build for Clouds&Flavor

This is a tutorial on how to build the TRANSFORMER COIL. I have to give a shout out to all those super talented coil artists out ...

Truly simple Fused Clapton coils ~ RDA Atomizers

I am by no means a "builder guy" but after realizing that all my fused clapton and cool staple coil builds I was using were done by ...

DIY Alien Clapton Coil Build | Tutorial

We want to bring you all methods of Vaping DIY here on SteamRoom. Here, Brendon from Clockwork Coils presents an Alien Coil ...

Coil Master Tutorial

26ga parallel on 2mm bit 29ga twised on 2mm bit 30ga on 1mm bit http://www.coil-master.net/

BuildMode Tutorial: Basic Braidators

An @incircles36 how-to for the basic versions of @TomyNeque's Braidator wire.

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